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 Equipped with 2 improved fans on evaporator, EFC350, EFV350 is perfectly suitable for light truck refrigeration of less than 18m³, the condenser is mounted in the front of cargo and slim evaporator offers maximum space for loading. 

1.Condenser front mounted, ultra slim evaporator

2.Improved and reliable cooling capacity. Speedy cooling down
3.Environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a/R404a.
4.Lowest cooling temperature -5℃/-18℃.
5.Free choice of 12V or 24V
6.Whisper quiet operation
7.In cab controls with digital thermometer
8.Easy installation, maintenance. 
Model EFC350 EFV350
Rated Temperature  -5  -18
Applicable Container 15-20m³ 13-17m³
Voltage DC 12/24V DC 12/24V
Refrigerant R134A (2.6KG R404A(2.5KG)
Cooling Capacity 3490W (0 ℃) 2250W (-18℃)
Compressor SD7L15 SD7L15
Condenser Dimension 960*560*385MM 960*560*385MM
Weight 30KG 30KG
Evaporator Dimension 766*520*130MM 766*520*130MM
Weight 26KG 28KG
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