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 The series EFV550, EFV650, EFV750, EFV850 offer you the optimal performance while using less fuel and making less noise. The improved capacity and airflow to ensure a superior temperature distribution to protect the product load. These models designed for heavy load refrigeration truck with the lowest temperature of -18℃. The system is directly powered with condenser front mounted.

1.Condenser front mounted, ultra slim evaporator

2.Improved and reliable cooling capacity. Speedy cooling down
3.Environmentally friendly refrigerant R404a.
4.Lowest cooling temperature -18℃.
5.Free choice of 12V or 24V
6.Whisper quiet operation
7.In cab controls with digital thermometer
8.Easy installation, maintenance. 
Model EFV550 EFV650 EF750 EFV850
Rated Temperature  -18  -18  -18  -18
Applicable Container 24-26m³ 27-30m³ 32-35m³ 36-39m³
Voltage DC 12/24V DC 12/24V DC 12/24V DC 12/24V
Refrigerant R404A(3.1KG) R404A(3.4KG) R404A(3.6KG) R404A(4.1KG)
Cooling Capacity 2970W (-18℃) 3720W (-18℃) 5200W (-18℃) 5900W (-18℃)
Compressor UPF170 UPF200 UPF200 QP32
Condenser Dimension 1185*560*480MM 1185*560*480MM 1185*560*480MM 1500*570*420MM
Weight 33KG 48KG 48KG 55KG
Evaporator Dimension 1198*570*150MM 1450*650*230MM 1450*650*230MM 1930*610*250MM
Weight 32KG 35KG 38KG 42KG
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